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With over 40 years of Experience


James Macdonald Consulting Corp has over 40 years’ experience in dealing with Code Agencies and the Construction process.

After two years of Community College in Civil Engineering James Macdonald began working as a draftsman for a local architect in 1973 and was sent to the Department of Building on his first day.

James worked for another consultancy and an engineer before opening his business in 1978, first as an individual and then as James Macdonald Ltd., converting to James Macdonald Consulting Corp. in 2010.

James learned from what he saw and heard but mainly from the codes he read. He says over the years you develop an instinct to the codes but you always need to verify through reading the code section no matter how many times you have read it before.

As well as providing assistance to the professionals and trades of the construction industry, James provides building investigation and interpretation of existing building conditions.

Not only fluent with the current 2008 Building Code and the 1968 Building Code and  the Zoning Resolution but also with the 1938, 1916, and 1898 Building Codes.

James remains current through continuing education programs as is necessary.